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    ONE GULF is Air Med Services' Emergency Call Center, staffed 24/7 with aero-medical dispatchers cross-trained as paramedics.

    They coordinate all emergency and inter-hospital requests for help and direct the rescue accordingly.

    From dispatch to patient follow up, all you need is ONE GULF. Call 877.ONE.GULF (877.663.4853).

    Air Med helicopters fly more first-response missions than any other air medical program in the country.

    From the moment you call Air Med Services, you are in the hands of highly skilled, licensed healthcare professionals.

    Our pilots are the best in the field, flying meticulously maintained aircraft which carry advanced medical equipment and technology to handle transports of a critical nature. They are trained via Acadian's highly acclaimed Critical Care Transport (CCT) program and are cross-trained as flight controllers/coordinators to ensure patients receive the highest standard of care possible.

    Acadian Ambulance Service's Air Med Services began in 1981 as the first aero-medical provider in the Gulf of Mexico. Today, Air Med Services is a national leader in air ambulance medical transports, flying more first response missions than any other air medical program in the country.

    "When AASI and Air Med have been confronted with extraordinary circumstances, they

    have stepped up
    and met the challenge head-on, thanks to the foresight, innovation, and

    dedication of Acadian’s
    personnel and tremendous support from the communities they

    ~~Vertical Magazine

    With Air Med Services, no area is out of reach. We respond immediately to victims of accidents or illnesses, dispatching air units to isolated offshore oil installations and remote populations where access via ground ambulance is difficult or impossible.

    When seconds count, count on Air Med Services!

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    General Information:
    Acadian Ambulance Service, Inc. | P.O. Box 98000 | Lafayette, LA 70509-8000 | 1.800.259.3333 

    300 Hopkins Street | Lafayette, LA 70501

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