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    Dedicated provider. Industry leader. Trusted friend.

    Mission and Vision Statement

    Acadian's mission is to improve the lives of our patients, customers, and employees through our innovative spirit and diversity in medical, safety, transportation, and educational services.

    Our vision is for the name "Acadian" to be synonymous with the best health and safety services in the nation.

    Since 1971, Acadian has been committed to providing the highest level of emergency medical care and transportation possible.

    Today, we have ground and air ambulance facilities strategically located in areas across Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi, medics supporting offshore facilities across the Gulf, and monitoring services that are available across the country. As our services continue to expand and progress, our underlying dedication to serving others remains the driving force behind our operations.

    Behind every successful business is a team of dedicated, passionate employees. Our family of medics, pilots, support staff, and safety advisors leads the way in technology and superior service.

    Whether it is a routine trip to the doctor, an unexpected accident, or a natural disaster, you can rely on Acadian to provide you with the care and dignity you deserve. We know life matters, and to us, your life matters most.