Fixed Wing

Our fixed-wing aircraft are available for extended emergency and non-emergency medical transports throughout the United States, Canada, Caribbean, Central, and South America.

We utilize the Lifeport Aero Sled patient stretcher and transfer system to decrease the amount of patient movement between stretchers. Patients never have to leave our bed until they are dropped off at the receiving facility.

We handle all arrangements needed to get the crew to the hospital before and after transport. We also make a follow-up phone call to the sending facility to give them a brief summary of the trip.


  • Certified flight level 51,000 ft
  • Cruise speed: 535 mph
  • Maximum speed: 570 mph
  • Maximum range: 2,049 miles


  • Certified flight level 35,000 ft
  • Maximum speed: 270 mph
  • Maximum range: 1,200 miles

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