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Charter Fleet

Executive Aircraft Charter Service operates chartered flights on three types of aircraft.

Note: All ranges are based on the average passenger weighing 170 pounds.
Intermediate fuel stops are required for extended range flights with a full passenger load.

fixed wing medical transport


Perfectly Sized for Quick Flights, Equipped for the Furthest Distances.

Combining deluxe amenities with ample space for up to eight guests, the Learjet 45 is our most luxurious means of executive travel. It dominates the super light category due to its long range and the power to fly at faster speeds with more passengers than any other aircraft in its class.

Learjet 45 specs:

  • Maximum passengers: 8

  • Maximum speed: 570 mph

  • Cruising speed: 535 mph

  • Maximum range: 2,049 miles

  • Soaring altitude: 51,000 feet, well over any inclement weather

  • Ascending rate: 2,800 feet per minute

  • Type of flights: charter, cargo, medical

  • Domestic Wi-Fi



Luxurious Amenities and Ample Space

The King Air our most popular means of executive travel, fitting up to eight people.

KING AIR B200 specs:

  • Maximum passengers: 8

  • Maximum speed: 295 mph

  • Maximum range: 600 miles

  • Type of flights: charter, cargo, medical

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