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Because Louisiana’s diverse geography of rich swamps, bayous, marsh lands and vast rural areas make quick response by ground ambulances challenging, Acadian Ambulance launched Air Med in 1981. In addition to faster response times in rural areas, Air Med also allowed Acadian Ambulance to quickly reach emergencies offshore.

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Presentations & Demonstrations

Air Med Services’ first priority is patient care, but we are happy to appear at events as our schedule allows.

Events are scheduled based on availability, distance from the primary response area, audience composition and the length of stay requested.

One Gulf

24/7 Emergency Call Center

Air Med Services operates the ONE GULF Emergency Call Center coordinating emergency medical response to the offshore oil & gas industry. Staffed 24/7 by paramedics cross-trained as flight controllers, we work hand-in-hand with the Louisiana Emergency Response Network (LERN) Trauma System organizing transportation to and from offshore locations.

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