Air Med Services Operations


Highly-Skilled Critical Care Flight Nurses and Paramedics

Our capabilities and resources allow us to provide the highest possible level of pre-hospital emergency medical care and disaster response to not only urban areas, but even the most remote parts of the Gulf of Mexico, coastal swamps, and wooded areas.

Acadian Air Med Services Bases

Bases of Operation

Strategically Stationed in Louisiana

Whether inland, offshore, or in-hospital, our first-response range stretches 150 mile.

On Board Medical Equipment

On-board Medical Equipment

Helping to Provide Advanced Life-Saving Care Inflight

Our fleet of rotor-wing aircraft are fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical electronics.

Onboarding Meeting


From Dispatch to Hospital Workers, Keeping Everyone in the Loop

The Acadian Ambulance Service communications network allows direct radio or telephone contact with the emergency staff at receiving hospitals in order to coordinate the fastest patient care possible.

Air Med Workers Preparing

Patient Care

Our Highest Priority

The Air Med crew is a team of compassionate critical care flight RNs and paramedics, held to the same notable standards as our highly accredited Acadian Ambulance Service division. Crew members transport adult and pediatric patients. We also utilize specialty care transport teams, when needed.

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