Strategically Located

Air Med Station 1
Lafayette, LA

Air Med Station 2
Houma, LA

Air Med Station 3
Baton Rouge, LA

Air Med Station 4
Alexandria, LA

Air Med Station 5
Lake Charles, LA

Air Med Station 6
Hammond, LA

Air Med Station 7
Monroe, LA

Air Med Station 21
Silsbee, TX

Children’s Hospital
New Orleans, LA

Rotor Wing

Whether inland, offshore, or in-hospital, our first-response range stretches 150 miles.


Our air ambulance services is strategically stationed in the following Louisiana cities: Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Alexandria, Houma, Lake Charles, and New Orleans, as well as one in Silsbee, Texas. We are eager to accommodate the needs of all of our patients, international and otherwise, transporting them to the Louisiana or East Texas hospital of their choice.


Fixed Wing

A National Leader in Air Ambulance Medical Transports


For extended emergency and non-emergency medical transports across the continental United States, Central and South America, and the Caribbean, we operate a fleet of turbo-prop planes and jet aircraft, upon request.

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