From dispatch to hospital workers, keeping everyone in the loop.


The Acadian Ambulance Service communications network allows direct radio or telephone contact with the emergency staff at receiving hospitals in order to coordinate the fastest patient care possible.

Air Med’s dedicated flight coordinators handle all air and ground transportation, make arrangements with the receiving facility, communicate directly with family members, and update medical teams at both sending and receiving facilities throughout transport.

Our dedicated Air Med Operational Control (AMOC) Center enables us to communicate with ER physicians and nurses so we are able to coordinate the fastest and most complete patient care and transport possible, all while tracking aircraft in flight and ambulances on the roads in real-time.

Bases of Operation

Communications Capabilities

  • Sophisticated Wulfsberg Flexcomm radio
  • Range of 18,030 frequencies
  • Satellite communications
  • Direct communications with law enforcement, rescue agencies, offshore platforms, marine vessels, hospital personnel

Going Beyond

Air Med dispatchers also provide self-help using nationally standardized protocols to the caller during major events; coordinate online medical control; and direct the rescue to the most appropriate hospital for the patient’s needs.

After the patient has been delivered to the hospital, follow-up reporting to essential personnel can be coordinated through AMOC.