Education Services

Knowing Life Matters

Air Med Services’ first priority is patient care, but we are happy to appear at events as our schedule allows.

Events are scheduled based on availability, distance from the primary response area, audience composition, and the length of stay requested.

Example events:

  • In-services
    Providing utilization, safety and landing zone in-services to all hospitals, fire departments, law enforcement, and EMS agencies within our service area

  • Education
    Educational presentations to pre-hospital and hospital personnel

  • Demonstrations
    Disaster drills, mock accidents, and injury prevention demonstrations
  • Community Events
    Family-based activities and community safety demonstrations

Family on board air med

Schedule an Event

To schedule Air Med for an appearance or event, please:

The contact person on the form will be notified if:

  • The landing zone is not secure
  • Adverse weather is present
  • An emergency call makes it impossible for Air Med Services to attend