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Air Med helicopters fly more first-response missions than any other air ambulance program in the country.

From the moment you call Air Med Services, you are in the hands of highly skilled, licensed healthcare professionals. Our pilots are the best in the field, flying meticulously maintained aircraft which carry advanced medical equipment and technology to handle transports of a critical nature.

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Knowing Life Matters Since 1981

Acadian Ambulance Service’s Air Med Services began in 1981 as the first aero-medical provider in the Gulf of Mexico. Today, Air Med Services is a national leader in air ambulance medical transports, flying more first response missions than any other air medical program in the country.

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Promoting Continued Growth

Co-founder Richard Zuschlag remains as the chairman & CEO. “We were determined to provide the best ambulance service possible,” he said. “We had a lot of help and support from Lafayette Parish officials and will forever remain grateful.”

East Side FD NLZ training from Toni Blanchard (2)


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Stay informed about company updates, awards and recognition, service area expansions and more! Acadian and its employees are in the news frequently and we love to share that news with you.

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