At the Acadian Companies virtual annual meeting in November, Director of Maintenance Kent Sibille was recognized as the Air Services 2021 employee of the year. He was presented with his award by Vice President of Air Services Michael Sonnier.

Sibille has been with Acadian since 2007 and has provided exceptional leadership to Executive Aircraft Charter Service. He brought 21 years of experience when he joined the company, and he provides a level of expertise that is unrivaled in the industry. Sibille comes to work every day with a can-do attitude and is always looking to make the maintenance processes better.

Sibille goes the extra mile to make sure the company’s aircraft are as safe and efficient as possible. He is known to go above and beyond his duties. It’s not uncommon for him to come in post-flight and troubleshoot a problem to keep the aircraft ready for its next flight, or answer his phone in the middle of night and come in to facilitate a medical flight request.

“Working with Kent for as long as I have, he makes you want to work harder,” Sonnier said. “Everyone who has been around Kent knows that there isn’t a more deserving candidate.”

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